Our Mission

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic started in 1987 and founded by Dr. Alexander Eduardo R. Garcia . 30 years of Dental Practice .

Our mission is for you to experience World Class Dental Services in the heart of the beautiful historic Philippines allowing you to combine a perfect vacation. For your convenience we will take care of everything , to hotel accommodation to airport transportation. We can even arrange a Manila Dy Tour for you and learn how to smile again and experience what is life about.

Here are at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic you will be taken care of highly skilled team that are qualified and trained with Western Standard. We will provide you the best treatment with our dentist who specialise in different field such as Surgery, Implantology, Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is devoted in providing Excellent Dental Services to the lates practice Technology using State of the Art Facilities.

We give expert advice in all of your dental related problems and provide high quality nd affordable dental care that is specially planned according to your dental needs.

Our Clinic are Certified by the Following Implant System:

BioHorizons Certified Clinic3M IMTEC Certified ClinicAlpha Bio Implants Certified ClinicIntra Lock Implants Certified ClinicNobelBiocare Implants Certified Clinic


International College of Oral ImplantologistAMD LasersInternational Academy on Mini Dental Implants

"Professionalism & Outstanding Dental Work"

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic Staff,

Thank you very much for the great dental care that I received last May when I have the crown work. Everything was perfect and Im very happy with your professionalism and outstanding work performed by the doctor and her staff. Grateful Thanks!

Very best regards.

Dan Creed

"I had work done last year, a complete upper bridge and I could not be happier"

Dear Dr. Garcia,

I wanted to wait until I wrote to you to thank your staff for their work. I had work done last year, a complete upper bridge and I could not be happier. I was impressed by the professionalism of all your staff and their skills that are equal to anything that I have experienced in Australia. Their care had also a spiritual dimension, evident from morning prayers. I could not be happier with the work and would recommend your services without a moment\'s hesitation. Thank you.

Markus Frank - Bidyadanga, West Australia



"Fantastic looking teeth!!!!"

The Philippines has bad weather and a poor economy and there is so much corruption, inefficiently and incompetence it is unlikely to ever get better. The exception to the rule is Dr Alex and his team at the Sacred Heart Clinic who can only be considered on the better side of good on a world class rating! A car met us at the airport and it was exactly where it should have been; when it should be there and it took us to the hotel. The next day a small amount of preliminary work was done; then two days of nothing. (they don't appear to do much work at weekends.) On Monday it was a full day in the dentist’s chair, but they were very careful, gentle and generous with the anesthetic and although it was a long day as I had a lot of work done, but it didn't hurt at all. A modern clinic with world class equipment; even better than I have ever seen in any Australian clinic and a very professional team; some of whom are Dr Alex's family A temporary dental fitting was made and fitted at the end of the day and even that was better than teeth that I had before; which resembled a Roman Ruin. Nothing happened Tuesday or Wednesday but on Thursday my new implants were fitted. Fantastic looking teeth!!!! Some of the work quoted for was found to be unnecessary but before I had time to chase them for a price reduction they had already recalculated the bill and given the discount. They also give a 5% discount for cash. About a week later I had a toothache (I was warned that this may happen) and as I was still in the Philippines I went back. I wanted a root canal done as it would be cheaper there than in Australia; Dr Alex’s team x-rayed the tooth in two different ways and announced that it will come good and It did! They could have so easily done the root canal and charged me for it. I went to Dr Alex's clinic on recommendation of a number of co-workers. All of his clients appear to be Australian, his quality control is excellent and everything is double checked. Full marks to Dr Alex and his team I would highly recommend this facility for anyone who wants dental work or implants done. This is a genuine testimony, I live near Brisbane and if you need more information you can email me on "bobskiggs@gmail.com"

Bob Skiggs - Brisbane Australia


"I don't feel any doubt and nervous because throughout their sincere customer service and kind Doctors helps me to be strong and stay relax as i undergo to the operation"

Dear Dr. Garcia and Team,

The Sacred Heart Dental Center is a recommended for individuals who would like to enhance their dental care. As i undergo through their operation of my teeth, i don't feel any doubt and nervous because throughout their sincere customer service and kind Doctors helps me to be strong and stay relax as i undergo to the operation. The Sacred Heart Dental Center ambiance and the facility shows how serious and ensure their location is presentable that helps me feel relax. They handle everything as I request every of my needs. As I finish my operation of my teeth, the operation was successful and there is no painful effect as the time pass by. I will endorse the Sacred Heart Dental Center to my family and friends to experience the greatness of going to dentist and their service is a well done.

Thumbs up Sacred Heart Dental Center. Appreciate your service.

Greetings from Switzerland,


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Maximize your smile

E.max represents a major breakthrough in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. One reason behind this is a combination of its high esthetics and superior strength. The all-ceramic dental crowns and restorations made from e.max are natural-looking and contain no metal. Depending on the correction you want to make, your dentist will work with you to select the best option whether it be crowns, veneers, a bridge or implants.

E.max restorations can help fix:
Discolored or stained teeth
Crooked teeth
Chipped or cracked teeth
Decayed teeth
Older dental work utilizing metal
Shape or form of teeth
And many more issues!

E.max is the #1 all-ceramic restoration used today. The patented e.max material has more than 10 years of clinical evidence with a 98.2% success rate. See for yourself how e.max has changed people's lives!


Before and After - Sacred Heart Dental Clinic Before and After - Sacred Heart Dental Clinic Before and After - Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

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Featured Testimonial

" Before I sign of there was trust from the start with Alex"

Gerard Zaini - Australia

Hi Alex, ive had my bridges & implants for must be a couple of years now & they have improved in leaps & bounds from day dot to now amazing.. admittedly i had all types of what ifs about the finished teeth you name it weather my body would reject my implants wether the teeth would be strong enough the list goes on & on, well they are strong enough i found this out by my mates daughter when in the pool through a rock out the size of my thumb which let of a big crack which i then grabbed my mouth & rebuked the kid, well it was like a miracle because that was 8 months ago now & not a problem i had a fear that it might have cracked internally but no not a single problem with my teeth...i love there look there hygiene & the basic all over confidence they give me..this is one of the best decisions of my life..Also i will add, it meant a lot to me that they had been schooled & certified in australia in there profession because i know how thorough our system is ... Before i sign of there was trust from the start with Alex, & the procedure in getting teeth done from the pick up at the air port to the accommodation with breakfast the ride to & from clinic & the drop of back at the air port on the fifth day as was planed all i had to do was work out the plane ticket which was simple..He did all he said & more as well as his polite staff & there attention to detail & perfection & all was done By careful injections in mouth & them gums they were so careful with all & i carnt say enough accept go do it yourself you will write a testimony like myself in respect for these good people.. ...And the reason i took so long to write other than being so busy with my life is because i waited to see if teeth could with stand the test of time, & so far not a single problem & im sure in ten years i will update this testimony with more good news..so just do it people.do yourself the biggest treat you wont look back....& alex i will send up to date pics when i get time. God Bless you all!! .

Alex me again, i forgot to put my ph number for my testimony, if anyone would like to speak in person.. its 0418877089.. thanks good man.

"The expertise, technology and Service is Unsurpassed"

Yvonne Marsh - Australia

Just want to write to say how wonderful Dr Garcia was with her beautiful manner, compassion and caring whilst I was undergoing total dental restoration treatment at the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic. It was such a major for myself - and my two friends - to come from the other side of the world, to an unknown country and to have our entire mouths sorted out and to change not only our looks but our lives! We were all very nervous but the staff put us all at ease within minutes of our arrival. The expertise, technology and service is unsurpassed and I would totally recommend this dental trip to anyone wanting a great price and a great smile! Thank you ever so much to Dr Fatima and the friendly staff - you are all amazing.

"Professional Dental Work done in 5 days"

Max Aleckson - Australia

"6 of my friends and myself, have attended Dr. Garcia's clinic over the last 6-7 years, All have had very professional work done in 5 days with no ongoing dental work required after arriving home. I can really recommend this dental clinic , for price, hygienic dentistry and very helpful caring staff, well worth the expense of the airfares. Max Aleckson, goldcoast Queensland,, Australia"

"The swiftness of your work and the outstanding Job all have done at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic was Fantastic"

Chris Rawley - Australia

I want to thank you with giving myself my smile which I have not had for many years, to all the staff that helped me in Manila your professionalism and care with which you gave myself is one of the reasons I am recommending you to many people in here in Melbourne Australia, the swiftness of your work and the outstanding Job all have done at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic was fantastic. From stepping off the Aircraft and picking myself and my wife up to taking me back and forth from the clinic was all done with precision and care, something which was a surprise to myself as I have been to the Philippines many times and precision is not a word I would use in the Philippines as most things take time in Manila.

Once again Thank you for a job well done and look forward to seeing you all in the future when I come back to Manila.

Chris Rawley - Australia"

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Dental Solutions for FIFO Workers

Are you an Australian FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) Worker?

Do you work in Mining, Oil & Gas or remote site constructions?

Do you have an ongoing Dental Problems? Cavity? Gum problems? Missing teeth?

We have a solution for you whatever your schedule roster is 4-1, 3-1, 2-1, 2-2, 8-6, 24- 9, 9-5.

Most procedure that we do in here can be finished in just 5 working days.

Call us now for booking.

FIFO Patient: Jeremy Penrice

FIFO Patient Testimonial

I am a 51 year old man currently working in the Oil and Gas industry in WA.

Since I was a small boy, I have had difficult times with my teeth—losing my front ones in an accident when I was 10 years old. I could never smile.

Waiting all those years has paid off, finding the right choice in dental implants is paramount. I did my research and I believe there is no better place than the Philippines at the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic in Manila, headed by Dr. Alexander Garcia. The dentist I found worked with me from the start and told me I could do what I never imagined. Total teeth replacement crowns implants and a bridge would solve the matter once and for all. The initial consultation only took a few hours and a day or so for them to make a treatment plan that meant I had more than enough time to relax in the great friendly environment provided by the clinic.

The first major treatment on day 2 was the preparation of the teeth for the crowns. I expected this to be very painful but found myself totally relaxed, almost asleep during the process. The dentists and assistants' skills in providing superior pain-free management during this process were astounding. Moulds were taken and at the end of the process temporary plastic teeth were provided to allow you to get used to the new look and make the changes look that you wanted. Straight away I felt a new confidence with even the temporaries.

2 days were required for the manufacturing of the crowns and implants to very high and exacting standards. When they were fitted it was like putting on a glove. On the final day, the crowns were fitted permanently to the ground teeth which can be a bit painful as you would expect, but again pain management is available.

The results speak for themselves. I have a new confidence in my life. I don't have to fear smiling, but I can actually smile. My speech has improved and I can again sing as I did as a young boy. I don't fear losing my dentures in public. The bridge provided is sound. The overall look is attractive and the chosen colour matches my face and complexion. Another friend who had the treatment at the same time with temporary denture and bone grafting for future implants also looked amazing—a woman in her fifties I believe it took ten years off her life and she also felt the new.

I cannot recommend the treatment highly enough. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff associated with the treatment was astounding. Realistically in just a few days, I have new teeth that I can use straight away without any on going pain or complications. Similar treatment plans in my own country could not even be offered. I believe the work done on my teeth to be in excess of 50 to 70 thousand dollars. At a fraction of this cost and with such quality dentistry and materials used, its the obvious choice for anyone needing immediate dental implant solutions working within your existing FIFO Roster, would choose Manila as a viable safe sound option to new teeth. And there's also plenty of time to relax and enjoy the shopping, food, entertainment Spas on offer within a stones throw from the surgery and provided accommodation in a relaxed comfortable hotel. This is also included in the price as are daily transfers to the clinic and airport arrivals and departures.

I so believe in the product Dr. Garcia provides. I am happy to talk to anyone with any questions personally about the treatment he provides. So if you're a resources sector worker and is looking for a solution to painful and troublesome teeth grinding or aesthetic changes, you would be foolish not to consider this fantastic option.

Yours Sincerely,

Jeremy Penrice

Dual trade E&I Tech
Oil and Gas Resourses Sector
Western Australia

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Dear Dr. Alex:

I am pleased to provide you a testimonial, which you can post in your website:

Going to Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I am completely satisfied with my new crowns. I came from the USA and only stayed in the Philippines for one week. I truly appreciate how the dentists pampered me during my stay, which included free airport pickup and accommodation at a hotel that is proximate to the clinic. They even gave me a free mouth guard (which helped because I’m a heavy grinder when I sleep), and a box of delectable delights.

At first, I was skeptical because the dentists look young and inexperienced. But alas, the dentists at Sacred Heart clearly prove the truth to the age-old adage: "Do not judge the book by its cover." The moral of the story is not to mistake youthful looks with lack of experience. Dr. Winnerlyn Tutor -- the dentist who performed most of my dental work -- is a dentist par excellence. Her dentistry skills are way better than the dentists here in the USA, and she truly cares. When she attached my temporary plastic crowns, there were gaps between the teeth and the gums. This is where she demonstrated her skill at improvisation by putting some white fillings to close the gaps. Nevertheless, she assured me that the permanent crowns will have a perfect fit, and they did! It was a marvelous fit and I’ve never felt my bite could be any better with my new crowns. The contact and pressure points across my teeth are now more evenly distributed.

I also asked for mini-implants that Dr. Alex Garcia attached in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t be more pleased that I decided to do this, despite the initial fear of the unknown. At first, it was painful and the surrounding gum got swollen, but within a week’s time, it has subsided and my mouth seems to have adjusted well with the titanic implants.

In the US, where I currently live, it takes nearly a month to have a permanent crown installed. The dental offices and laboratories are separate entities. What is great about Sacred Heart Dental Clinic is that it has an in-house laboratory. This enables efficient casting, molding, and baking of the ceramic crowns. The process can be completed in 5 days or less! If there is a need to correct the ceramic crowns (which did not happen in my case), the dentists will simply request the technicians to make the necessary adjustments.

And here’s another great deal, the prices at Sacred Heart are very reasonable. In the USA, one ceramic crown plus the cost of root canal can easily blow up to $3000. With that money, there are a lot more than can be done at Sacred Heart, so it was well worth the trip. And guess what? I am returning next year to Sacred Heart to once again enjoy the company of world-class dentists who provide excellent services and truly commit to patient care.

Thank you and sincerely,
Joost Santos, USA

Dear Dr Alex and all the staff at the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic

I am now back in Australia after visiting your clinic in Manila. Initially I was recommended to the clinic by a good friend who had visited the clinic about 2/3 years ago. In Australia I had consulted many dentists with regards to implants and had received a very broad feedback and recommendation. The costs however were extremely high for the work that I required. I definitely needed the top jaw completely restructure as well as was open to the bottom jaw being 'redone'.

As a result the work that I had done in Manila which included extraction, root canal, restructure of the top and bottom jaws including implants, crowns and bridges was excellent. This was completed within one week whilst I know in Australia it would have taken two to three months at a much higher cost.

Probably one of my major concerns was that I retained the shape of my original teeth and also my smile which is a big part of my personality. Friends in Australia and also Hong Kong (where I visited after Manila) have commented on my teeth and want to know where to go to get the same 'smile'.

Therefore a big thank you to all at Sacred Heart Dental Clinic!

Judy Carruthers

Colin Caddy, Sandra Caddy & Josie Scerri

hi patricia and team

just a short note to let you know its been nearly a week since our final procedures we are all very happy we have not had any problems so far we cannot recommend your clinic highly enough your workmanship and integrity is first class the best in the Philippines

best wishes god bless

Jill Kreigher

Five of my family members have had extensive work with Scared Heart Dental Clinic. They are all the most professional and caring Dentists and Staff I have ever had work completed with. These professionals go out of their way to treat you with respect and dignity and with little pain. On my 2nd return visit .my Doctor was Dr Fatima and what an excellent dentist she is. I suppose what I want is not only excellence in work but the truth. At the scared heart clinic we get the total package for a very reasonable cost.

A few weeks after geting home one of my teeth started to hurt, so offf to the dentist. That dentist checked all my work and said they are all fine,and the crowns we all in oplace and secure. I was advised to come back in a week. When I returned all had settled down and I had no pain, infection or concerns.The dentist said if you need work they will send me to a specialist. I said I have one -in Manilla and if I need work that is where I will go.The Australian dentist said they understood my decision.If you are looking for a dentist overseas head for the Scared Heart Dental Clinic, they even pick you up and return you to the hotel afterwards.The hotel they paid for. Doctor Patrica heard me talking to my son about seeing the city so organised a city tour for us at a reasoanble cost.Thankyou everyone at the clinic and of course we will return. Best wishes Jill Kreigher Cairns Australia PS son.s teeth look like a movie stars now. thanks Dr Patricia

Stephen & Beth Harkins
Manila, Philippines

We first visited Sacred Heart by chance, as we live in the local area, & was somewhat apprehensive as I had some previous experience of Dentists in SE Asia. However Sacred Heart soon changed our perception as all the staff made us feel really at ease as from the moment of entry to the surgery, we received caring and exceptional customer service - thank you to the Dentists, Laboratory staff, Nurses, admin personnel & drivers.Everything is \'state of the art\' dentistry equipment, with warm and friendly surroundings

With regards to the treatment, each of the staff involved talked us through each stage of the process, costs and how long this would take. We were delighted with the treatment received & everyone was so friendly and helpful. The office was very professional and they really took the time to make us feel comfortable and welcome. The considerable dental work that both my wife & I had done, was by far the best ever. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Sacred Heart for making it a worthwhile & painless experience and I have no hesitation in recommending your practice to others.

Greg Peterson

Hello Dr Garcia and Sacred Heart team,

First of all my heartfelt thanks for all the dental work you did for me. It was really a step into the unknown for me to fly all the way to Manila from Australia in the hope that you could perform what was described to me as a lengthy and expensive dental procedure here in Australia. I was looking at months of dental appointments and associated work and the cost here would be enormous.

In comparison the extreme efficiency and professional work of Dr Garcia and team was amazing with most of the work being completed in just one day!! Even though my dental work was very difficult because of my most unusual bight, Dr Garcia and team performed the almost impossible task of not only finishing the job but made the finished work look and perform wonderfully!.

When I showed my friends the finished work and told them the cost, they were truly amazed. I am recommending your clinic wherever I can and will continue to do so.

Again thank you Dr Garcia and team.

Steve Champion

To Dr Alex and Team,

I have been to the Sacred Heart Dental Clinic twice now and both times I have been equally impressed with your teams service and the work which has been completed. You and your staff have gone out of their way, to make myself and my wife as comfortable as possible during our stay in Manila. Your team are always willing to lend a helping hand and give advice on methods of travel and sites to see around Manila and the Philippines. You are all so friendly and I will definitely be referring The Sacred Heart Clinic to friends and family in the future. I wish you all the best for your second clinic. Thanks again.

BLOG: Tooth Be Told

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